I Found God At Rite Aid

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Yes, I found God in Rite Aid.  My childhood was very dualistic because I was handed off between two families and two religions. I spent much of my early years with my two Grandmothers because my parents were divorced and so young. One weekend I would be sitting in the Kingdom Hall with my Nana… Read more »

The Shed

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When I reflect on my childhood, I realized I spent a lot of time alone. Just yesterday, I remember burning those charcoal snakes all alone sitting on the curb, the day after the 4th of July. Remember those? They looked like curled up pieces of poo. I spent that Holiday watching all the other families… Read more »

Our Kids Are Our Future

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My rant to a City official today. He is awesome and so is there town. My rant is based on a general and huge problem we are facing. The youth are our future. Investing in them now is investing in ourselves and our region. We can’t depend on traditional academics to get us into the… Read more »

A formal thank you and a big we love you!

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Today is the six month anniversary of our home burning down. I have taken this long to reach out and formally say thank you because it took us a while to get stable and to deal with the trauma that the event left on my family. We are a strong family and we tend to… Read more »

The Love Of Being A Social Entrepreneur

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I can honestly say my life has changed significantly in the last two years. I have been an entrepreneur for 25 years now. Having done everything from hustling cars, to having stores, owning a mortgage company, having a design firm, and starting a small co-working space. All were fun, I made money, made friends, and… Read more »